5 of 5 Stars to The Realignment Case by Author RJ Dearden

Geneva, 2012. Disgraced lawyer Daniel Athley starts a job with a shadowy international organisation that has a secret it will kill to protect – the past can be changed. Working for the enigmatic Counsellor Winter, Dan’s role is to defend the status quo. Discovering a plot that could unleash chaos in a disordered future, he must choose a side in a murky world where the fate of the dead is decided.


I actually finished reading this book ages ago, but I've been so busy I forgot to do a review. All the other reviews on my blog are like that, a long time coming! I really must remember to get with it FFS!

Anyway, on with my quick review...

This book was amazingly exciting. I absolutely loved it and knew I would before I even read it. The premise is right up my alley, a theme I really enjoy, yet the author has written a completely original body of work. And just look at the cover! It's amazing. I'm big on cover design, and this one suits the story perfectly. Read this book! I highly recommend!

I don't know if this is RJ Dearden's debut novel, but if it is it's amazing work for a new author, I'm super impressed.


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