Guest Post GUY ESTES Triad (Sisters of the Storm Book 1)

Today we have a guest post on the inspiration for his book Triad; Sisters of the Storm, Book 1. Please welcome author Guy Estes.

Strong female characters have always been my favorite, but they're a character type that is very difficult to get right and all too easy to get wrong. The result is either a one dimensional – and very unlikeable – character or one that ends up becoming a damsel in distress needing a guy to come rescue her. 

When I first started writing Triad, the only women warriors in the fantasy genre were members of the bronze bikini brigade. My main character, Aleena Kurrin, is my attempt to remedy that. The gods designed her to be a warrior, yet she has no desire to dominate or harm anyone. At least, not until she experiences evil first hand. 

Triad is an epic fantasy about a young, gifted woman coming to grips with her gift and all of its responsibilities while trying to find her place and purpose in the world. I can't really say that I created Aleena. I didn't deliberately set out to create this character. It's more like she just spontaneously formed, and the place she did that happened to be my head. 

I wanted a fantasy story with a good, well-developed warrior woman (one that actually wore sensible armor) and didn't see any at the time, so this is what my imagination coughed up. Someone once said a writer creates a story the same way an oyster creates a pearl – something gets inside one's shell that can't be expelled, so the imagination coats it in layer after layer, thus turning a rough irritant into a polished thing of beauty. 

To contact Guy Estes and for more about his books you can visit his Facebook page here.


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