Soul Rifters Guest Post From Author David Shaffer

David Shaffer is the author of The Rifter Chronicles. Book one; Soul Rifters is available now. His guest post today delves into his life and the inspiration behind his writing. For more from author David Shaffer visit his website.

I started Soul Rifters in March of 2012. I was putting together the outline after reading about the Oculus Rift. (Before they sold to FaceBook for 2 Billion). I had some ideas about this type of technology in the form of sci-fi fantasy writing. I since own three Oculus Rift systems. My son is working on his first game in Unreal Engine for the Oculus. This exposure has led me to work in the kids/young adult area.

Where it started: It is 2330, Tampa Florida, I am in the Air Force assigned to MacDill AFB, working at my desk at home on a rare cool evening. The events were in the Tampa local paper. I was over my 20 years of service point, I was awarded the Medal of Valor. Things were great. In January of the following year I was hurt in the line of duty, suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury. 

It took two years of rehabilitation to get to where I am today. While I was hospitalized in one of the many VA programs, I was pushed by one of my many great doctors to try and finish the book. I had the first very rough draft, I just needed to get it edited.

I made it my mission to finish this book. At first I had no ability to use my left hand, so typing was difficult to near impossible. My injury also left me with a slight stuttering problem, so using Dragon speaking was not possible. However, I stayed at it. Over time I healed well enough and speak well enough to continue, although at a much slower pace than my initial four BS degrees, and Masters in Cyber Security. 

Late 2014 I finished the book. I was picked up by a small company for a three book deal. I am working on book two, projected Feb 2016 release date. In addition I have a children's series due out close to Christmas. Target age group of 3rd grade to high school. (Similar to Percy Jackson series style).


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