Live Writing; the Consequences

What I've learned so far about attempting to write at least a chapter a day, is that as a single parent with young children, it's just not fucking possible!

Sorry, I haven't had any 'me time' today. Not even 5 minutes to myself, so mummy is a bit stressed out to the max, to be honest. As I write this my toddler is in her crib but she refuses to go to sleep even though she's mega tired. And the stupid auto correct on this phone I'm typing one-fingered on, is driving me batty. It auto changes every god damn word I type, fully assuming I want to type a completely different word, when I do not! I have to back track and it's making me want to destroy everything!

One sec...

Ok I'm back. I turned off auto-correct on my phone. Oh em jee, this is amazing! I can type whatever I want! I'm free! There's no bar of words above my keyboard. This is tee-rific!

Right so what have I learned about live writing? It's too much pressure and I'm stressed out. I keep thinking I have to write daily, even when there's no way I'll have time for it. 

What to do? 

I guess I should carry on. I can still upload new chapters straight after writing them. I just won't make promises to upload daily. I was being silly. My writing isn't a priority. It can't be. Not under current circumstances. Maybe some day though.

The main feedback I've been getting about live writing is that I'm brave, or crazy. When I decided to do this I thought nothing of either issue. I've had my writing praised and critisized loads over the years. Everyone has their opinion about my writing and I know there's no pleasing everyone, while people who like my books are perfectly happy with my unique style. 

And as for being crazy enough to post my first draft work, well why not? It gives everyone a chance to become absorbed into the story knowing I haven't altered "edited" the tale. What I write herein is purely imaginitive. It's unfettered by the words I use to relay the story. No one has to worry about the words because they are just a means to an end. 

I'm not live writing for editors here, I'm doing this to tell the tale. I'm writing this for me, and for whomsoever wants to read it for the adventure!


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