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What Live Novel Writing Has Taught Me

The main thing I've learned about writing a novel live is that I can't go back and change things in the story. This has enabled me to keep moving forward, whereas when I normally write a book in secrecy I change things often, becoming increasingly frustrated along the way. By writing anew with what is already there, I've no choice but to keep moving forward in the story, no matter what catastrophes I inflict on my characters. I can't just go back and delete them out of diabolical situations, I have to actually write them through corners I shove them into. Otherwise people who are reading along as I write will be mighty confused! So I can only write chronologically and not non-linear at all.

It's so fun! Even when writing devastating conundrums.

It's amazing writing this way. I never know what will happen next, or how they will survive each fiasco.

I think I will write all of my books live from now on. It has enabled me to fly through a story because I'm always excited to find out what happens next! And because I don't know what twist, turns, and surprises will happen next in my live written novel, neither does anyone who reads it along with me as I write.

So beware. Anything could happen! Just as soon as I'm over this flu I will be able to finish Chapter 12 and so on! And I really do want to be all better soon. This flu is insufferable. I might give this illness to a character, if I wanted to be really cruel. Seriously. *coughs* Ouch :'(


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