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Allison Smith Guest Post; Tame the Beast

Growing up, I heard all of the fairy tales. Bedtime just wouldn’t be complete without them. Big ball gowns, fairy godmothers, true love kisses … the born romantic in me was hooked! Unfortunately, princes are hard to come by in everyday life. It really is quite the shame. But that never stopped me from daydreaming, and somewhere between finishing my degree and paying the big girl bills, the Ever After series was born, a new adult romance series inspired by (but not retellings of) five different fairy tales.

The first, Tame the Beast, is set at the fictional college of Beaumont University. Inspired by many versions of Beauty and the Beast, it tells the tale of Clara Wright, a freshman who is less than thrilled about her new college life in a small town. That is, until she meets Adam Beaumont, shameless flirt and spoiled heir of the family who founded the university. When Adam’s mother, the dean, gives him a final ultimatum to get his act together, Adam seeks out Clara’s help with a plan that will show his mother he’s serious about his studies—and prove to Clara he’s more than a reputation. But even the best plans rarely go as intended especially when the beauty is just as headstrong as the beast. Although there are no magical roses or wicked enchantresses, the growing relationship is challenged with obstacles and troubles many readers can relate to.

Tame the Beast recently hit the Amazon eShelves in April, and the publication journey has been such an experience … an exciting, sometimes scary, experience, but a rewarding one! And I’m thrilled that Suz has given me the opportunity to share it with you!

You can find the story here.
For updates on upcoming stories or if you just want to stay connected, you can also find me at: AllisonSmithBooks, Twitter, and Facebook. You can even view my visual inspiration for Tame the Beast at Pinterest.


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