Twelve Books To Date

I like to do word counts now and then. I figure when I've written 1 million fiction words I will officially have found my author voice. I'll be practiced at writing enough to have more confidence in each book. And of course it's an entertaining process getting to 1 million! I love to constantly practice at my writing. What better practice than to write?

Having my books on Smashwords means I can see all my book word counts. I added them up yesterday, just for fun. And the total to date is 683,080. I'm 316,920 words away from reaching 1 million. I figure that's 5 more 64K word novels, but each book is always different in length.

My blog/website banner currently shows all my books, apart from Flutterby Girl, which I'm currently writing. All my books are available globally as ebooks and in paperback. I'm just gonna put my banner here for this blog date, because it changes every few months. I'm hoping to have more fiction writing time come September yay!


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