Story 1 Death by Chocolate Kate accidentally poisons everyone at the Death by Chocolate event. They're all sent to Hades and Kate must save their souls. Can she save her own soul from being romanced by a god, or even two, and does she really want to?

 Story 2 Dating a God Despite what her mother says Kate is going to date a god. He's a hot blonde and he's got the hots for Kate. Nothing will stand in the way of their dating, not even powers that threaten more than just their budding romance.

 Story 3 Gorgon Cursed Kate gets cursed with snakes for hair. To rid herself of the slithery mass atop her skull, she must travel to Mount Olympus where she has to save more than just her hair when her god of a boyfriend goes missing.

 Story 4 Rock Star Kate gets caught up in the party life. She has to, the powerful Thad has kidnapped the entire town to be his groupies. He's a demi-god gone berserk. And what's even crazier is what Thad, Kate, and Jason get up to behind closed back stage doors.

 Story 5 Dream Come True Kate's dreams come true and it's not about her dreams of love. Her nightmares come true! Can she save everyone from the subconscious machinations of her own mind? Can she save her heart for the one god she truly desires?

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