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Procrastination Isn't Real

Although saying that (the title of my post) I'm procrastinating novel writing right now as I write this blog post.

This is a note I have to put up though, to myself, so that I remember what causes procrastination.

It happens when I don't write. I mean, yes I have things to do during the day. Spending most of my time with my kids, especially at the weekend. But I'm always thinking about writing, about my current manuscript. And therein lies the first problem of putting things off, for me anyway.

See, the way I write is that I write when I write. What I mean by that is when I think about my current Work In Progress while I'm doing the dishes, for example, I screw up my writerly brain. I need to remember not to think about my WIP at all. When I brainstorm what I think might happen next in my book, I get bored with actually writing pre-thought plot ideas. But when I sit down and see my manuscript open in Scrivener, whatever else I was planning on doing (procrastinating) ge…

An Update On Live Writing Learning

I almost had the next chapter in The Keystone ready to put up here on my blog, when I realised the whole thing was terrible, so I trashed it. I now have to read Chapter 17 again, so I can scrub my mind of the stupidness that I wrote for Chapter 18 (version 1).

So I guess this isn't 100% LIVE novel writing. I put up each chapter after I've written it in Scrivener first.

I've never trashed any of The Keystone chapters yet. This one's the first, and hopefully the last! What a set back in word count and story progression. There was just a new character I brought in and totally screwed him up. I should have just gone with my original idea for this new character, in the first place! Because that's what I'm about to write now. What you will read is going to be the character I thought up originally, you will never know the awful version I almost published, here on my blog.

I should be able to go with the same type of storyline for this chapter, but who knows? My writin…