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Twelve Books To Date

I like to do word counts now and then. I figure when I've written 1 million fiction words I will officially have found my author voice. I'll be practiced at writing enough to have more confidence in each book. And of course it's an entertaining process getting to 1 million! I love to constantly practice at my writing. What better practice than to write?

Having my books on Smashwords means I can see all my book word counts. I added them up yesterday, just for fun. And the total to date is 683,080. I'm 316,920 words away from reaching 1 million. I figure that's 5 more 64K word novels, but each book is always different in length.
My blog/website banner currently shows all my books, apart from Flutterby Girl, which I'm currently writing. All my books are available globally as ebooks and in paperback. I'm just gonna put my banner here for this blog date, because it changes every few months. I'm hoping to have more fiction writing time come September yay!

Allison Smith Guest Post; Tame the Beast

Growing up, I heard all of the fairy tales. Bedtime just wouldn’t be complete without them. Big ball gowns, fairy godmothers, true love kisses … the born romantic in me was hooked! Unfortunately, princes are hard to come by in everyday life. It really is quite the shame. But that never stopped me from daydreaming, and somewhere between finishing my degree and paying the big girl bills, the Ever After series was born, a new adult romance series inspired by (but not retellings of) five different fairy tales.
The first, Tame the Beast, is set at the fictional college of Beaumont University. Inspired by many versions of Beauty and the Beast, it tells the tale of Clara Wright, a freshman who is less than thrilled about her new college life in a small town. That is, until she meets Adam Beaumont, shameless flirt and spoiled heir of the family who founded the university. When Adam’s mother, the dean, gives him a final ultimatum to get his act together, Adam seeks out Clara’s help with a plan…

Original Story Guest Post from Alyssa Chiossone

I'm excited to feature a link to Alyssa Chiossone's new story on my blog today. Click here to read Lost & Found now.

JD Byrne Guest Post; The Water Road

JD Byrne here. I'm thrilled to announce that The Water Road, first volume of the fantasy trilogy of the same name, will be released on June 22. Thanks to Suz for letting me tell you about it. Here's the skinny:
Two women are about to expose a terrible secret that will turn their world upside down.
For centuries the great river known as the Water Road separated the Altrerians in the north from the Neldathi in the south. When the Neldathi clans united and struck out across the river, the nations of Altreria formed an alliance, the Triumvirate, to drive them back. For more than a hundred years after, the Triumvirate kept the Neldathi barbarians at bay, fighting amongst themselves across the Water Road.
Antrey is a woman without a country, the daughter of a Neldathi mother and an Altrerian father. She's found a role for herself in Tolenor, the headquarters of the Triumvirate, that's given her access to a secret the alliance has kept for generations. When she finds it, she exp…

Guest Post From Debbie at "My Random Musings"

I'm so pleased to host Debbie's guest blog about her love of reading and writing today. And here's her post about her favourite book of the year so far...


To say I'm a book worm would be a bit of an understatement, so when I was asked to do a guest post for Suz about books, I jumped at the chance and today I would like to share with you all my favourite book I've read this year so far - In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware.
In A Dark, Dark Wood: Background In A Dark, Dark Wood is categorised as a thriller. I think it's so much more than that. It is certainly a suspense filled thriller, but it also touches on the horror genre. I have a written a review of this book on my own blog, which you can read here - In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware - to get a general overview of the book if you are unfamiliar with it. In A Dark, Dark Wood is Ruth Ware's debut novel. It is New York Times and a Sunday Times best seller, and it set to become a movie.
In A Dark…

From Book to Big Screen; How to Get Your Novel Made Into a Movie

Today on my blog I'm absolutely thrilled to feature author Simon Oneill's guest post on script writing...
Magic Is Murder by Simon Oneill from novel to script:
“A celebrity author goes on a bloodthirsty killing spree to protect her family secret only to be driven insane by the ghost zombies she creates. An earthy British horror comedy in the style of Carry On, Monty Python, Blackadder all wrapped up in a Hammer Film. Discover the sex lives of ghosts in a most squeamish way. After all, life doesn’t stop when you’re dead?”
Above is the pitch for my novel Magic Is Murder. Readers loved it, except one who was a die-hard Harry Potter fan and reads nothing else. The darn blurb told her it was rude crude and extremely gory, but she read it anyway. My story basically follows Bianca who discovers her lover is cheating on her and has hocked a priceless pendant. She kills him and doesn’t stop killing as she loves it. Simple enough?
Then I had this brainwave – how do I get a producer to turn …

The Keystone

A boring visit to tour a crumbling ancient castle turns into WAY more than Jaclyn Davies ever dreamed possible. A sense of doom quickly descends upon her, and from that moment on things spiral out of control. From out of nowhere a figure appears, he somehow manages to burn a key into Jaclyn’s palm! She soon discovers her strange new tattoo is going to get her into a lot of trouble. Suddenly everyone wants to get their hands on what was taken from Jaclyn in a most unimaginable manner. The chase is on, even between realms. Jaclyn must fight against those who would use power for the wrong. Or does she realise there’s more to this struggle for dominion than anyone but her can ever conceive?
The Keystone is available everywhere. And here are some direct links to order: Amazon ebook: Amazon paperback: Smashwords Kobo Barnes & Noble