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Stephen Hawking FINALLY Died Today

This morning I woke up and reached for my phone. The first thing that came up on Facebook was a friend posting his sadness at the news of Stephen Hawking's death. I immediately shouted out to my daughter, "Stephen Hawking finally died!"

My use of the word "finally" surprised me as I'm certain it would have come across as cold and disrespectful, but on the contrary, in my mind the word slipped out in awe.

I've always been amazed at the longevity of Stephen Hawking, despite the crippling disease he suffered with most of his life. Every time I chatted with people about him the topic of his resilience always came up. Whenever I watched a program on his life, or read one of his books, I eventually always came back to the wonderment of how his brain kept him going.

Was he able to think more deeply being confined to a mostly useless body? I think so. I know that when I write I make use of my fingers on keyboard. But if I had no control over my body and I was just a thinking brain, I'd only have my imagination with which to write. And therein lies the ability to go deep into pure focus and thought.

His death is very sad. I kinda thought he'd find a way to live forever. Even though everyone's always been aware that he could go at any moment, he didn't, for a long time. I'm glad he lived well past the expectations of the doctors who warned him of death in his twenties. Without the mind of Stephen Hawking all these years, we'd all be that much less inspired. And with inspiration comes new science. After all, we are feeling creatures who can think big, but it's our imaginations that drive discoveries.


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