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I’m A Keen Cyclist Now

I rode my bike around the block again this morning. Well it’s not my bike, it’s my bf’s bike. And actually it’s not his either, it’s a bicycle he got for his mum years ago that was never used. So now I’m using it, and it’s great! Also, when I say AROUND THE BLOCK it doesn’t mean your typical American square block, because Malvern is the English countryside with squiggly lanes and non-straight roads. I’ll download a cycle map app to route my paths soon, then I can put pics up on here.

But anyway, I cycled with basically coffee for breakfast. Started my period today too. So the cycling this morning wiped me out good enough. I’d never ridden a bike at all until I met my bf. He did a 60+ mile cycle ride last Sunday! I’m not up to more than 3 miles yet, but maybe some day I’ll ride 100. Yeah right. Lol
Cycling feels good though. I’m glad because I thought I’d hate it. The only thing that scares me are the cars. Biking on narrow winding roads and small lanes here is dangerous af!