Natural hair feels so freeing to me that it deserves to be blogged about.

I started treatment on my hair from the age of 13 years. And I went full out on it really. I started using Sun-In to lighten my hair, but it was the 80s so I also got a poodle perm! So I’ve been chemically frying my hair for decades.

Over the years I’ve gone from light to dark hair and have had many mishaps in between. One time I dyed my hair black, but my hair is really long, and I only had one box of hair dye, so I smeared it all around my hair best I could, and then when I washed it out my hair was splotchy black and bright orange.  I learned then the importance of full coverage.

I’ve had my hair dyed at salons, I’ve dyed my hair myself at home. I’ve even had someone use a cap on me for highlights. That hurt.

To date I’m 44 years old. I haven’t had my haircut or even trimmed in probably two years now. and about six months ago I start dying my hair. My silver strands are growing out as they will. And I don’t have to worry about getting hair dye all over the bathroom, all over towels, on my pillow. I also don’t have to worry about my hairline looking splotchy just after my hair’s been dyed and it’s got all over my skin.

I love having natural easy long hair. No need for dye. I am very low maintenance when it comes to hair. And now that we’re all in quarantine I don’t have to do my make up either.

It’s nice to just wash my hair and not have to worry about the colour fading because it looks how it does and my silvers are pretty. I can run my fingers through my hair without thinking they’re going to come away stained.  I just love being all natural.

Free to bleed! Haha. Just kidding. That’s what someone shouted about the patriarchy and tampons. I however, am free to be! To be non-chemicalized on my hair. Though I wouldn’t turn down a salon visit with Guy Tang if I ever got the chance! 


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