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I have to start by saying audiobooks are all the rage now. I love them. I only listen to audiobooks. It's because I write so much that I simply can't spare my eyeballs being used for reading other people's books. I still love enjoying other author's books though, so thankfully there are audiobooks! Some of my favourites are the Magic 2.0 series by Scott Meyer, any audiobooks by Tom Holt. Too bad not all of the Portable Door books are available as audiobooks! That's annoying.

I also enjoyed the Bobiverse audiobooks by Dennis E. Taylor. Currently I'm listening to The Authorities by Scott Meyer. I love POD casts too, and other audiobook freebies on

I enjoy writing quite zany fiction. Especially when it comes to Young Adult stories. I like to call that genre Magical Teen Adventure. I also write Science Fiction and Romantic Comedy. My books are available on Amazon in audiobook, ebook, and paperback.

As for my romantic comedy writing, it stems from real life actually. I like to take love mishaps and turn them into romance stories to make me laugh. Then I can add in happy endings too. Win.

So yeah, magical teen adventures and romantic comedy novels are the first genres I started writing from 2009. I have returned to teen books mostly over the years, and I never really thought I'd write anything without comedy in it.

While my science fiction books don't stem from comedy, they are fast-paced. All of my stories are adventurous really. Although I have written 2 coming of age stories and those are slower. Just experiences from my own teen years that I spun into fiction.

My ebooks are also available on Smashwords which means affiliates too, like Apple Books and iTunes.


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