My Favourite Audiobooks From 2020

It takes me ages of searching and sample listening to find good audibooks to listen to, but when I find gems I feel the need to share them so that others will know to "read" them as well! Seriously, I loved the audiobooks that follow below... 

If anyone knows of audibooks similar to any of those I've listened to, please let me know. Sometimes I have to search and search for weeks and weeks until I find something worthy of my listening ears. So quality, similar recommends are very appreciated. I cannot express how important character driven stories are to me, and the first two titles below are perfect examples of characters who are so well written and developed, that by the end of the book they are real people in my mind. 

Florida Man by Mike Baron 

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman 

The Warlock Holmes series of audiobooks by GS Denning 

The Magic 2.0 series, and all other audiobooks by Scott Meyer 

The End of the World is Nigh - Alley Oldfield Book 1 and The Last of the Mountain Men - Alley Oldfield Book 2 - by Tony Moyle 

14, The Fold, Paradox Bound, Dead Moon, and Terminus by Peter Clines 

All available audiobooks by Tom Holt on Audible 

Artemis by Andy Weir 

The Bobiverse books by Dennis E. Taylor 

The Dispatcher, The Old Man's War series, The Last Emperox series, The President's Brain Is Missing, Lock In, Head On, Fuzzy Nation, Redshirts, The Android's Dream, and Agent to the Stars By: John Scalzi 

Emergency Skin by NK Jemisin

A Rare Book of Cunning Device by Ben Aaronovitch 

The Unhappy Medium By: T.J. Brown 

The Gates By: John Connolly 

To the Woman (Season One)


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