Starting Slimming World Again

I start doing Slimming World again like every morning, then I fail by the evening. It's going good so far today, but I'll probably mess up soon. If I don't though, that will be good. I should highlight my rom com diet novel now.

Harassed by robots, followed by a stalker and feeling plagued by her own big boobs. What’s a bride-to-be to do? Even in this high tech town it’s all out panic when it comes to wedding dress sizes. All seems idyllic in the English countryside, apart from the fact that having robots as local business staff members is the norm. That is, it would be normal if only the bots weren’t controlled by a lunatic. Emily desperately wants to shed pre-wedding weight and her manic dieting efforts aren’t helped by interfering malfunctioning robots. Her fiance Callum loves her curves, so will Emily learn to accept her own voluptuousness before the big day?

This morning I had grapefruit and porridge for breakfast. Woopideedoo! Well it was yummy because I put sugar free hazelnut sweetener in. Then a mid-morning snack was a flat peach. I swear flat peaches didn't exist until this year. What happened there? Did someone sit on all the round peach trees?

Lunch was fried eggs and an orange. The orange is exciting because it's a speed food! Yay!

Afternoon snack was Quavers and an Alpen Bar with an iced coffee that I made a bit of a mess with. Oh well.


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