How I Finished What I Started

 I've finally figured out what's been stopping me finishing what I start writing. It's because after a decade being an indie author with mostly non-viable book sales, I've been depressed and when I start a new manuscript now I'll get one chapter in and then think: THIS WON'T SELL EITHER. So I stop writing and delete the whole thing.

Well now I'm being me and I'm going back to writing for myself. That's the way I used to do it, and it meant I bloody well finished every manuscript I started writing!

So yeah, the secret to being able to finish what you start is getting that pesky critical goblin out of your head telling you that your book will never sell. If you write what you love then you'll want to finish it. While you're writing you can't be thinking about sales and marketing, that's ridiculous and totally uncreative. Fiction writing stems from 100% creativity so go and write it and finish it. Okay I will. Good.


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