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Suzanne Lehuanani Korb has been a self-published writer of women’s fiction for just over ten years. She’s originally from Hawaii, grew up in Utah, and she’s lived most of her adult life in the English countryside. She began self-publishing her novels and stories in 2011 under her pen name, which is actually her nickname: Suz Korb. Since then she’s become an indie author of other genres too, but she always comes back to writing women’s fiction, in the main.

Suz is a life-long reader of many genres. She began writing in her diary at the young age of six. Throughout her teens Suz read romance novels voraciously. Then in her twenties Suz started writing fan fiction for TV shows, and her fiction writing journey began.

In 2009 Suz Korb ‘penned’ her first full novel on her computer. That first manuscript was a learning experience, and over the next two years Suz practiced more fiction writing. The self-publishing of her first novel in 2011 was the beginning of her hobby made tangible. Now other people could read her writing and she was officially an indie author.

Over the years Suz began a degree in English Literature & Creative Writing. She’s helped nine other writers become indie authors, and she’s now trying to become a hybrid author by entering short story writing competitions. Soon, Suz will try her hand at submitting her manuscripts to literary agents, but for now Suz continues to be self-published on her own.

If you’ve enjoyed any of Suz Korb’s fiction please leave a review and do get in touch, the indie author would love to hear from you.

Find her on her blog: and on

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