Grand Theft Astro by Scott Meyer

It is the distant future, and Baird is a loner, a part time spy, and a notorious alleged thief. “Notorious” for the audacity of her crimes; “alleged” because nobody has ever been able to legally prove she committed any of them. When the hush-hush agency known as the Toolbox recruits Baird, being a clandestine operative seems like a great way to get paid to do what she already does anyway. That is, until a mission goes wrong, and Baird is infected with a deadly virus. With only seven days to live, Baird has to complete a series of daring missions, each one designed to bring her closer to a cure. Allegedly. Baird suspects the Toolbox might not be telling her the whole truth. She's not sure what to believe or who to trust. And the clock is ticking. 

This was pretty good in that it solidly kept pace. Things kept happening from one heist to the next. The ending was tidy enough, for a story about devious people. All of them. The main character was shady, not only in her thievery ways, but also in how her real brother felt she treated him. Everyone's entitled to their own point of view. I'd recommend this book only if you've nothing better to read. I grabbed it on Audible because it's written by Scott Meyer and I love his Magic 2.0 series best. I like all of his other books too and I'll always listen to anything and everything he writes. I'd even be down with listening to a sequel of this audiobook. The sneaky thieving the main character does is quite clever. I liked all the ins and outs that I wasn't expecting. And futuristic space fiction is always fun too. Especially as this story isn't set too far in the future.

And I just noticed the description of this audiobook says it is set in the distant future, but in my humble opinion the distant future is barely comprehensible. Like science fiction novels that are set thousands of years in the future that I can barely understand what the author is trying to convey as nothing is even human any more. 


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