Hi, who are you?


Yes, you. The owner of this blog.

Oh hi yes I'm Suz Korb.

And what do you do?

Well I write fiction.

What kind of fiction?

The kind that makes you go... well when I'm writing my fiction I go... wow I've created so many characters. I don't know which one to kill off next! Haha. Just kidding. Or am I? Wink.

So you're evil.

Is that a question or?

Writers who kill off amazing novel characters are evil at heart.

Oh really? Is that a fact?

Yes it is and I'm not going to read any of your books if you won't stop killing everyone.

I don't kill everyone!

You don't?
Of course not. What would be the point in that?

I suppose you're right. In which case I will read your books. Just so long as there's action, comedy, romance, science fiction, fantasy...

Hold on.


My books have all that in.

Great. Perfect. Just one more thing...


Where can I get your actiony, funny, lovey, science fictiony, fantasy, coming of age, young adult...

Whoa! Seriously slow down. You've tacked on more categories and genres there. It's a good thing I do write all of that into my books. I mean, some of my novels are rom coms, some are indeed coming of age. I also write young adult fiction and science fiction and fantasy too. You could also describe my supernatural teen adventures as 'edgy'. I feel quite on edge when writing adventures, you see. It's not only readers who get the feels when reading one of my books, I'm the one who has to write the things in the first place and you know how characters can sometimes get away from you on a whim!

They can?

Yeah, totally. Characters make plots happen. I just tell their story and away we go!

Awesome, so away I go to Amazon to buy your books. 

Audible too.


So who actually are you?

I'm you, in interviewer form.

Cool. For a second there I thought I was going a little bit crazy.

Suz Korb books on Amazon and Audible.


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