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I have to start by saying audiobooks are all the rage now. I love them. I only listen to audiobooks. It's because I write so much that I simply can't spare my eyeballs being used for reading other people's books. I still love enjoying other author's books though, so thankfully there are audiobooks! Some of my favourites are the Magic 2.0 series by Scott Meyer, any audiobooks by Tom Holt. Too bad not all of the Portable Door books are available as audiobooks! That's annoying.

I also enjoyed the Bobiverse audiobooks by Dennis E. Taylor. Currently I'm listening to The Authorities by Scott Meyer. I love POD casts too, and other audiobook freebies on

I enjoy writing quite zany fiction. Especially when it comes to Young Adult stories. I like to call that genre Magical Teen Adventure. I also write Science Fiction and Romantic Comedy. My books are available on Amazon in audiobook, ebook, and paperback.

As for my romantic comedy writing, it stems from real …
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This Month I'm 45

I've decided to write my next comedy science fiction novel to include the current pandemic and political unrest. I'm going to write it day by day to reflect what I've seen on the day. So my book will end up getting dated, I know. But there's no other way around it for my mind at the moment. My own family life and what's going on in the world, affects my writing, even if it's fiction.

No one knows how long the pandemic will carry on for, and at least this way I can have some form of documentation about these times. Because history is surely being made. It influences all things. It's unavoidable. I've shed many tears, and shouted a lot, about the murder of George Floyd. About the riots. Evil, cowardly Trump. Murderous cops. My own heritage. Not speaking to my sister. These issues and more will definitely go into my novel. Even though it's a comedy! My writing always have serious moments.

We've mainly stayed positive day to day, but somethings need…

Guest Post - These Lost & Broken Things by Helen Fields


How dangerous is a woman with nothing left to lose?

The year is 1905. London is a playground for the rich and a death trap for the poor. When Sofia Logan’s husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her penniless with two young children, she knows she will do anything to keep them from the workhouse. But can she bring herself to murder? Even if she has done it before…

Emmet Vinsant, wealthy industrialist, offers Sofia a job in one of his gaming houses. He knows more about Sofia’s past than he has revealed. Brought up as part of a travelling fair, she’s an expert at counting cards and spotting cheats, and Vinsant puts her talents to good use. His demands on her grow until she finds herself with blood on her hands.

Set against the backdrop of the Suffragette protests, with industry changing the face of the city but disease still rampant, and poverty the greatest threat of all, every decision you make is life or death. Either yours or someone else’s. Read best-sel…

Lockdown Day 22

This morning I woke up at 5am in a pool of sweat. I heard the heater so I ran downstairs to turn it off. But to my surprise it needed to be on because the outdoors temp was zero Celsius! I was like DAMN THAT'S FREEZING. Because it is. Zero degrees Celsius is the freezing point of water. FYI.

I can't believe the temperature drop. Just a few days ago it was so hot out we were able to put up our pool. Had to empty it the very next day though. Too cold. Proper April weather, but at least it's lovely and sunny!

So the UK lockdown has been extended to May 7th. However, things don't look good and where schools are concerned, we are thinking this one's a bust until September.

Yesterday in America Trump had a melt-down during his briefing. I seriously don't know how that man is president. He's power mad and his brain functions less coherently day by day.

It's 2pm now. So far today I've done some laundry. Other than that I've been perusing Facebook and Tw…

End of Two Week Lockdown

That post title may be misleading, what I mean to say is it’s been two weeks today since the start of the UK lockdown. I think I’ve gone to Tesco once per week, and every time I go it’s changed. 
Today there was toilet tissue and paracetamol for the first time since this fiasco of a pandemic began! Although the meds were almost £2 for one box. Frikin rip off artists during a crisis.
Also, they’ve set up a 1 in 1 out system for the whole store, and a one-way path inside. I kept forgetting to go one-way, but so did everyone else until the last few isle where most of the workers were, ready to tell people off.
Even I had to go to the end with my pre-beeped groceries. But it’s all for the greater good, so I’m fine with the system. And my bf was right. The Texaco car wash was open so my car finally got cleaned a bit.
Oops. I forgot to check my antenna to make sure it wasn’t ripped off. It’s in the middle of my roof, so I couldn’t reach it! Stupid design. Oh well.


Natural hair feels so freeing to me that it deserves to be blogged about.
I started treatment on my hair from the age of 13 years. And I went full out on it really. I started using Sun-In to lighten my hair, but it was the 80s so I also got a poodle perm! So I’ve been chemically frying my hair for decades.
Over the years I’ve gone from light to dark hair and have had many mishaps in between. One time I dyed my hair black, but my hair is really long, and I only had one box of hair dye, so I smeared it all around my hair best I could, and then when I washed it out my hair was splotchy black and bright orange.  I learned then the importance of full coverage.
I’ve had my hair dyed at salons, I’ve dyed my hair myself at home. I’ve even had someone use a cap on me for highlights. That hurt.
To date I’m 44 years old. I haven’t had my haircut or even trimmed in probably two years now. and about six months ago I start dying my hair. My silver strands are growing out as they will. And I don’t have …

Everything is COVID-19

Any cold that's caught is immediately assumed to be Coronavirus. Well of course it is! We now live in troubled times and this is only the first week finished of homeschooling.

We went out for a walk on Thursday and by the evening my teenage daughter had a bad cold. Luckily just a cold, even though she's suffering with super runny nose and sore throat. But we've monitored her temperature daily, amongst other get-well remedies that have been put in place.
I got sick yesterday. Couldn't even eat pizza for dinner. I took one look at it on the plate and had to run upstairs and go to bed. Which is where I stayed all night from 7pm - 7am, although really it was 6am as the clocks sprung forward an hour last night.
Of course I googled and discovered that in some people vomiting and diarrhoea can be signs of Coronavirus infection! 
I feel a bit better today though. Got some work done from home. Ate a banana and had a cup of coffee for breakfast. 
Every cough + Every sniffle and …