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I’m A Keen Cyclist Now

I rode my bike around the block again this morning. Well it’s not my bike, it’s my bf’s bike. And actually it’s not his either, it’s a bicycle he got for his mum years ago that was never used. So now I’m using it, and it’s great! Also, when I say AROUND THE BLOCK it doesn’t mean your typical American square block, because Malvern is the English countryside with squiggly lanes and non-straight roads. I’ll download a cycle map app to route my paths soon, then I can put pics up on here.

But anyway, I cycled with basically coffee for breakfast. Started my period today too. So the cycling this morning wiped me out good enough. I’d never ridden a bike at all until I met my bf. He did a 60+ mile cycle ride last Sunday! I’m not up to more than 3 miles yet, but maybe some day I’ll ride 100. Yeah right. Lol
Cycling feels good though. I’m glad because I thought I’d hate it. The only thing that scares me are the cars. Biking on narrow winding roads and small lanes here is dangerous af!
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New Beginnings

It's funny that I've struggled to find the perfect title for this post. I'm trying to convey the message that I'm doing new things with my life. Moving house soon, launching my own publishing company. But I don't want the word "new" to mean this is only the beginning, because while it is that, it's also a continuation of a life I've lived thus far.

Yes it's super exciting that I'm going to be a publisher, but that's not where it stops. Once my publishing house is up and running I will continue to be excited on a daily basis when it comes to innovating and always looking forward in the world of books.

Yesterday while I was driving back and forth from my bf's house to mine, shifting his stuff for his house move, I saw a tree that was growing flat against a wall. Over the weekend Anthony showed me how 2D trees are pruned and grown, online. Last Christmas I got him a mutant tree. Actually called a family tree, but I prefer my version.…

A Writer, A Train, And Oh So Cold Snow

I have writerly things to do. I have publishing things to do. Where do I even start listing these things in order for this blog post? I know! I'll work on my business plan and that will help give me structure in life.

You see, since publishing my first novel in 2011, I've been a writer and/or author. Since then I've been a self-publisher too. And now that I'm starting up my own publishing company I will be a straight up publisher. What goes into being an independent publisher though? I'll tell you. Or rather, I'll tell the public in my first ever column article for the Worcester News.

That's just one of the things I need to get done. But for now I shall personably blog about my weekend past.

I finally celebrated St Patrick's Day in England since moving here from the US way back in 2001. I mean that is just sad, right? Oh well. Saturday was lovely drinking Guinness with friends, listening to a live band play Irish music, and watching some Irish dancers …

My Upcoming Worcester News Column & Book Signing

I've been chatting with Michael Purton, editor of the Worcester News and Malvern Gazette. We are in exciting talks about Ink Hills publishing his works of fiction. Updates on more of that soon. Also, Michael has suggested I write a weekly column about starting up my new publishing company. So if anyone wants to follow I will be providing information about what's involved with becoming an independent publisher.
And Happy St Patrick's Day indeed. I will be at The Rock Tavern this Saturday. I heard they can make a Guinness green, so I'll be happily enjoying some green beer! If you'd like to come along, bring any of my books and I'll happily sign them for you.

Stephen Hawking FINALLY Died Today

This morning I woke up and reached for my phone. The first thing that came up on Facebook was a friend posting his sadness at the news of Stephen Hawking's death. I immediately shouted out to my daughter, "Stephen Hawking finally died!"

My use of the word "finally" surprised me as I'm certain it would have come across as cold and disrespectful, but on the contrary, in my mind the word slipped out in awe.

I've always been amazed at the longevity of Stephen Hawking, despite the crippling disease he suffered with most of his life. Every time I chatted with people about him the topic of his resilience always came up. Whenever I watched a program on his life, or read one of his books, I eventually always came back to the wonderment of how his brain kept him going.

Was he able to think more deeply being confined to a mostly useless body? I think so. I know that when I write I make use of my fingers on keyboard. But if I had no control over my body and I was …

I'm Back!

I'm going to start blogging here again because I noticed today on Amazon Author Central that my blogger posts show up on Amazon, whereas my blog posts on my website do not, and that aint good. So until I figure out how to amalgamate my blogs, I'll post here and on my author site. A copy and paste dealio. <-- Made up word. I love making up words. Love it when my kids make up words too. I always try and remember to write down made up words of my three year old especially. Their so cute at that age.

So this blog post should probably have a subject. I was going to write updates on my new publishing business. But I'm working on the launch whilst still novel writing, so hella busy! She says. Sitting and staring at her computer as though she has nothing else to be getting on with. Which I do! So bye for now. I promise better posts and updates starting tomorrow. Or maybe even later tonight. Peace. -Suz xx

This Blog is Old School!

This is my old blogger blog. I now post direct on my website - under the Blog tab. Obviously. And here's a link!

I'm surprised I haven't just deleted this entire blog. I used to do that over the years! But I will totally leave this one up. I've got lots of terrific guest posts on here for your perusal. But there's brand new posts on my website, plus the latest of my book publications.

So visit my website for my new personal blog, book updates, and more! And visit my publishing house online at