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 I love writing my space adventure novels. It all started with Superstellar. I wanted to write a story about a pink-haired space princess teenager. So I did! And then I wrote Superpower. Sort of the sequel to Superstellar, but with a new protagonist called Jendy. Who's also age 18. Like Stella was in Superstellar. Now! Finally! After delays due to Covid last year. Superpower is available in audiobook! It's also available in paperback and ebook, and so is Superstellar. Happy reading! Or listening, as that's the intent of this post. To draw your attention to the audibook . lol
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My Favourite Audiobooks From 2020

It takes me ages of searching and sample listening to find good audibooks to listen to, but when I find gems I feel the need to share them so that others will know to "read" them as well! Seriously, I loved the audiobooks that follow below...  If anyone knows of audibooks similar to any of those I've listened to, please let me know. Sometimes I have to search and search for weeks and weeks until I find something worthy of my listening ears. So quality, similar recommends are very appreciated. I cannot express how important character driven stories are to me, and the first two titles below are perfect examples of characters who are so well written and developed, that by the end of the book they are real people in my mind.  Florida Man by Mike Baron  The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman  The Warlock Holmes series of audiobooks by GS Denning  The Magic 2.0 series, and all other audiobooks by Scott Meyer  The End of the World is Nigh - Alley Oldfield Book 1 and The Last

Happy Mid-Pandemic New Year. Friday 1 January 2021

I don’t think I published anything new in 2020. I just couldn’t write. The pandemic threw me. I mean, I had to work and be a home schooling mom at the same time, so the stress and worry was overload city. Towards the end of the year I started to slowly realise how I’d get back to writing. I was back and forth on using a new pen name and starting over, but that has never worked for me. For anyone really. I’m determined to do one new thing daily this year, but more than just one thing actually.  I’m going to write one page of a new novel daily. I will blog daily. And I will put up one YouTube video daily. I thought I’d read from my books on video whilst doing my makeup. But then I realised that would be too tricky. Ha! Another realisation that took me a year to figure out, is that I do enjoy writing like me, the fiction that I write, and I can implement the pandemic in my own way. I’ve already made a one page start on the 3rd book in my Superduper trilogy. It’s fun already and I’m loving

Superpower Audiobook Update

There are extensive delays to the publication of Superpower in audiobook for download. I'm terribly sorry about this, but it's due to Covid and delays with the production verification. When I know Superpower is available on audible (etc) I'll let the world know straight away! Until then Superpower, the sequel to Superstellar, is available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, Smashwords, etc. 

My Books

I have to start by saying audiobooks are all the rage now. I love them. I only listen to audiobooks. It's because I write so much that I simply can't spare my eyeballs being used for reading other people's books. I still love enjoying other author's books though, so thankfully there are audiobooks! Some of my favourites are the Magic 2.0 series by Scott Meyer, any audiobooks by Tom Holt. Too bad not all of the Portable Door books are available as audiobooks! That's annoying. I also enjoyed the Bobiverse audiobooks by Dennis E. Taylor. Currently I'm listening to The Authorities by Scott Meyer. I love POD casts too, and other audiobook freebies on I enjoy writing quite zany fiction. Especially when it comes to Young Adult stories. I like to call that genre Magical Teen Adventure. I also write Science Fiction and Romantic Comedy. My books are available on Amazon in audiobook, ebook, and paperback. As for my romantic comedy writing, it stems from

This Month I'm 45

I've decided to write my next comedy science fiction novel to include the current pandemic and political unrest. I'm going to write it day by day to reflect what I've seen on the day. So my book will end up getting dated, I know. But there's no other way around it for my mind at the moment. My own family life and what's going on in the world, affects my writing, even if it's fiction. No one knows how long the pandemic will carry on for, and at least this way I can have some form of documentation about these times. Because history is surely being made. It influences all things. It's unavoidable. I've shed many tears, and shouted a lot, about the murder of George Floyd. About the riots. Evil, cowardly Trump. Murderous cops. My own heritage. Not speaking to my sister. These issues and more will definitely go into my novel. Even though it's a comedy! My writing always have serious moments. We've mainly stayed positive day to day, but somethings n

Guest Post - These Lost & Broken Things by Helen Fields

AVAILABLE NOW Maiden-Mother-Murderer How dangerous is a woman with nothing left to lose? The year is 1905. London is a playground for the rich and a death trap for the poor. When Sofia Logan’s husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her penniless with two young children, she knows she will do anything to keep them from the workhouse. But can she bring herself to murder? Even if she has done it before… Emmet Vinsant, wealthy industrialist, offers Sofia a job in one of his gaming houses. He knows more about Sofia’s past than he has revealed. Brought up as part of a travelling fair, she’s an expert at counting cards and spotting cheats, and Vinsant puts her talents to good use. His demands on her grow until she finds herself with blood on her hands. Set against the backdrop of the Suffragette protests, with industry changing the face of the city but disease still rampant, and poverty the greatest threat of all, every decision you make is life or death. Either yours or someone