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Guess What! Guess What!

That's not really a question, because I'll tell you what! My collection of stories is going to be made into an audiobook for download! Okay so all the Romantic Comedy Shorts stories are already available individually as audiobooks, ebooks, and in paperback. And now the complete collection will be narrated and produced for audio download soon! Romantic Comedy Shorts is already available in paperback and as an ebook as well. So grab whatever version you want right here. Happy reading and/or listening!

Bedevilled - Audiobook Out Soon!

Bedevilled was the first ever novel I wrote, way back in 2009. I was originally toying with the idea of writing a story about a super mum; a woman who gets superpowers, and she's a mother. But then I realised a mother doesn't need super powers to be a hero. Parents do heroic things every day. Although I would have incorporated that into my Supermum novel as well. On second thought I will write that book, some day. 
Anyway, Bedevilled is my supernatural chicklit novel about the devil who is a woman. I have a thing about writing powerful women, even if my books aren't supernatural. Every day women have power too. So yeah, Bubbles is the devil, but she doesn't know it. Her memory was stolen. She's gotta get it back somehow, and that's just what she does, in this very novel. It was super fun to write. So many hellish shenanigans involving demons and angels, trips to both heaven and hell. Just all over the universe and beyond!
It's available as an ebook and in p…

JUDE - A Coming of Age Short Story

The year was 1990 and Jude wanted to become a real man by cutting off his long hair. That's not the true way he's going to become a man. His girlfriend might have to help him see that. Somehow, they would realise how things that go wrong can shape who we are. Things can go right, if only they think on it. Feel what's happened. Give in to the love.

Click here to get JUDE for free or buy it on Amazon, Smashwords, or Kobo for only .99p (¢) to support me. Thank you and happy reading.


Twin Forest

Twin Forest is the mid-western north American town I created as the setting for my first ever novel: Eve Eden vs. the Zombie Horde.

I am so pleased that my first ever novel is being turned into an audiobook for download. I've blogged about my excitement over my books being made into audio, and that thrill still hasn't waned! It's because I never thought I'd get any of my books into audio, and now there's only a couple more that need narrating, and then my entire collection of 17 titles (to date), will be available to listen to as well. But my first book is also already available as an ebook and in paperback. I was so proud of this book when it was first released way back in 2011. Unfortunately I was bullied online with the release of my first ever novel, so it set me back as an indie author. Oh well, I've come a long way since that fateful year. Still have indefinite ways to go yet though.

Enjoy Eve Eden vs. the Zombie Horde in paperback and ebook now. Right h…

It's Autumn Time

I was going to write a new quick autumn short story, but then I realised I'm hella tired. So instead I'll highlight an autumnal piece of poetry I sort of wrote in my novel Trouble in Paradise. I couldn't help myself really, when I wrote it. This song usually pops into my mind round this time of year. Mormons might recognise it. "Autumn Time" is an LDS primary song that goes a little something like this:

I look out the window, and what do I see? 
Grey clouds, wind and rain, staring back at me. 
Spring has brought us such a dull surprise, 
Rain, sleet and sometimes snow, horizontally into my eyes. 
Sitting here eating this chocolate treat, 
a lunch time snack that tastes so sweet. 
Choc isn't good for my thighs, 
cloudy skies make me cry. 
I'm off!

Okay so I completely twisted the lyrics to the original song, but it's sung in my head to the same tune. Apart from the end bit that doesn't rhyme at all. Hahaha.

But yeah, my main character in this novel wants t…

One Million Words of Fiction

I love word counts. I like to look back and see how many words of fiction I've actually written and published. So that's what I do, from time to time I add up my word counts.

To date I've written 720,720 words of fiction. Funny that it's seven-two-zero twice, haha. And this amount of words means I have 279,280 words to go to reach 1,000,000 fiction words written. I'm counting totals of my novels and story collections. Mainly novels, I have 2 story collections.
Currently I have 8 novel projects on the go. Well, I'm writing them one at a time. I always have new ideas that pop into my head. I've stopped writing them down though, because it's a never ending list and I need achievable goals. I like setting goals in life and my word count of 1,000,000 is for the purpose of skill. I figure I'll come into my writing properly after achieving 1 million fiction words. And we all know how to get better at something: by doing it. And doing it better every time. …

Sit Down & Write

... or stand at a standing desk. Or even a treadmill desk. I want one of those!

So the last time I blogged I said I was going to blog daily. That didn't happen! I totally forgot, dammit. Oh well. Never mind. I've actually managed to vlog daily though, over on my nothing youtube channel. I literally have no theme for my youtube channel. It's just nonsense.

What should I blog about today anyway? This is supposed to be a writing and all things book blog. So I guess my topic for today will be another post about cracking on with my novel writing.

I've been struggling lately because of the way I write best. I like to have a block of days in a row where I can just get through an entire novel once and for all. Otherwise I have to read back through which sucks a lot of my writing time. I was supposed to write through the weekends I have free, but I've been having a social life instead! Damn me and my need for fun.

Writing IS fun too though. So I must set aside one full week…

Single Moms Aren't Allowed Sick Days

Firstly, I got sent more puppy pics, so that's what's getting posted herein. A pile of pups! So much AWWW and love, right?

I'm illin today. So I'll just say updates on my current novel will have to wait until tonight. I haven't met my writing target yet.

So yeah, I woke up this morning to my alarm going off at 6am. Then 25 minutes later I was sick! Wiped out for the morning. Struggled with the kids. My small flat is a bit of a mess. No rest for the weary! That's how the original phrase goes. Though there truly is no rest for the wicked either.

The point of this blog post is to officially note that I intend to blog daily, starting now. I know I've said this before. So if I stop blogging daily, then I'll just have to start over again, now won't I? lol

Anyway, I'm also going to vlog daily on my new YouTube channel. It's mega basic, but that's because I haven't a clue (yet) what I'm doing. Basically, I have new upcoming projects wit…

Design Me A Tattoo & Win!

Okay so I have one tattoo. 
You'll never guess what it is. Okay it's a name tat. Yes I have the name of an ex boyfriend tattooed on my personage. I won't show a pic of it here, not yet anyway. It's on my lower right tummy. I'm definitely not going to say what name it is! Haha.
So over the years I've contemplated getting this ex's name tattoo removed, but now I totally want to get it covered instead! And seeings how I'm a writer, I want an amazing new quill tattoo. Design me a new one and if your image is selected to go onto my body for all of eternity, you'll win signed copies of my entire book collection to date! Share everywhere and get drawing yo.
Peace out and love from,  Suz xx 
Follow me everywhere. @suzkorb75 Instagram. @SuzKorb twitter. Facebook author page:

Amazon Author Page Broken

Well this sucks.

Today I noticed on my Twitter that my Amazon Author Page link wasn't working. It's just not there. I mean you can still search for my books on Amazon, but my Author Page is gone. Dammit. This is so annoying. Oh well I've emailed Amazon and will see what they say. Just FYI for this link that normally works:

But here's the link to my books on Amazon UK. And my books can still be searched for on all other global Amazon sites.

More Terrific Audiobook Download News!

First and foremost Matrimony Malfunction is now available as an audiobook download! It's already available in paperback and ebook too. Has been. For years. lol

I'm so amazed at how many of my books have been narrated as audiobooks now too. They're all available in paperback and ebook, all 17 titles to date. And I never actually thought they'd make it into audiobook versions. And yet there are 10 available for download as of today. There's 3 of my books in production, and 4 waiting for auditions.
I really do love my narrators!
Suz Korb Books

My Books in Audio Download Versions

I'm so excited right now I'm crying tears of joy! Well not actually sobbing, but my eyes are definitely watery. I'm over the moon because my first ever novel Eve Eden vs. the Zombie Horde is going to be made into an audiobook for download! It's already available in paperback and ebook, but I never actually thought it would get auditioned for audio. I thought that of all my books though, and look what's happened in 2017!

This has been such an amazing year for me. I lost 5 stone. I started dating. I stopped dating. Got my writing mojo back in full force these past couple of weeks. I'm happy. My books are almost ALL available as audio download. Well, I don't want to get my hopes up about the three books remaining that have yet to be auditioned for, but I'm not complaining!

I have 17 titles available in paperback and ebook versions. Fourteen of them are also available as audiobooks! I'm so pleased about this. I seriously never expected to get any auditi…

My Eight Year Novel Writing Journey... Thus Far

I'm finally writing again. Finally unstuck in life, so I'm unblocked on the novel writing front. It feels amazing. My head is so clear. Life is good. Everyone in my life right now makes me happy, I make them happy. Writing is fun again. Despite the melancholy looking pic to the left. I just put that there for dramatic effect. Haha.

This is a reflective blog post. I haven't blogged personally in years. I used to blog about writing every day. And that's where I'm looking back to right now. Back to where it started for me as a writer of novels and stories.

In 2009 the sister of my then boyfriend had her first novel published. We were (and still are) good friends because we both love writing. She became such an inspiration for me. I never dreamed I could write a novel. When I was a kid I equated authors with the likes of astronauts, doctors, and professors. So I just wrote pretty much everything except a book, when I was growing up. All my jobs as an adult involved wr…

Suz Korb Books

I write Young Adult, Romantic Comedy, and Science Fiction. Let me break it down a bit more. My YA books include comedy, adventure, romance, syfy, action and more! My rom com novels are romance and comedy, obviously. My one science fiction novella is biological and genetic syfy. I'm obsessed with immortality and The Girl in the Woods enabled me to sort of delve into mutated genetics, in a way.

Why don't I go ahead and reveal the upcoming books I've yet to edit? These are the novels I've got coming out soon...
Three sequels to Superstellar. More science fiction in the form of a mysterious alien visitor. A new genre. I'm going to write psychological suspense soon. Books like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.
Omg that's it! That's totally doable. I must get to it! At the moment I'm writing a romantic comedy app dating novel. And I'm also ghost writing a historical thriller. Well I'm not writing them both at the same time. I've finished edits …

The Keystone Audiobook Download

Great news! The Keystone teen steampunk adventure will be available in audiobook download next week! And it's available in paperback and ebook now!

My Author Talk with Alison Lester on Publishing

Last Saturday I joined author Alison Lester in Worcester for a talk on our different paths to publication. I was nervous as hell. But Alison's superb presentation skills kept me calm. I ended up being informative to many aspiring writers who joined us that day. The Q&A session after the talk inspired me as well. I'm working on publishing and writing courses, so look out for updates on that later this year!

Here's a couple links to Alison's site and the newspaper article.

From the Droitwich Standard:

Aspiring authors listen to Droitwich writer speak about her experiences at special event.

MORE THAN 25 aspiring authors attended a special book event to hear a Droitwich writer speak about her experiences. Alison Jean Lester, a British-American author living in Droitwich Spa, visited to Worcester’s Wayland Yard to give a talk about her second book ‘Yuki Means Happiness’. The fictional novel follows Diana, a young and uneasy girl who leaves America to live in Tokyo wher…

All Sixteen Titles

I write romantic comedy, magical teen adventure, and science fiction. The following are all sixteen books by me to date. All are available in paperback and ebook. Some are available in audiobook versions as well! This year I'm planning on delving into a new genre, well new for me anyway! That being psychological suspense. You can find my books on, Smashwords, Kobo, in bookstores, elsewhere online, libraries, and more.

New Audiobooks!

These are the audiobooks currently in production! All are available now in ebook and paperback.

I will upload more audiobook images throughout the day.

Finally! A Cover for Bedevilled That I Like

Bedevilled was my first novel. I wrote it back in 2009 in two months. Then I stupidly rewrote it to death, but I came back to its original version and completed all edits on it. The one thing I've never been able to do is find a suitable cover for Bedevilled. Until now. It's ace. I like it. Finally happy with it. I'll put up previous versions of this book's covers at the end of this post, but first, here's the newest...

"If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, then what of the wrath incurred by the devil herself?"
Bubbles is a woman in trouble. Life on Earth just became Hell. Quite literally seeing as how there's escaped minions from the underworld to deal with. And to think it all started with a blind date. Or did it? There's more to that Godly looking man than meets the eye, and Bubbles is intent on finding out just how divine He truly is.
And here's the full paperback cover...

I think this new one is much better than its immediate predeces…

The Girl in the Woods - Audio Version


Hello everyone! Flutterby is out now in paperback and ebook. I haven't updated this blog in ages! Sorry about that. But yeah you can get Flutterby on Amazon and everywhere else right now. I hope you enjoy it and if you do please leave a review! Thank you so much.
-Suz xx