Everything is COVID-19

Any cold that's caught is immediately assumed to be Coronavirus. Well of course it is! We now live in troubled times and this is only the first week finished of homeschooling.

We went out for a walk on Thursday and by the evening my teenage daughter had a bad cold. Luckily just a cold, even though she's suffering with super runny nose and sore throat. But we've monitored her temperature daily, amongst other get-well remedies that have been put in place.

I got sick yesterday. Couldn't even eat pizza for dinner. I took one look at it on the plate and had to run upstairs and go to bed. Which is where I stayed all night from 7pm - 7am, although really it was 6am as the clocks sprung forward an hour last night.

Of course I googled and discovered that in some people vomiting and diarrhoea can be signs of Coronavirus infection! 

I feel a bit better today though. Got some work done from home. Ate a banana and had a cup of coffee for breakfast. 

Every cough + Every sniffle and / or sneeze = COVID-19 panic. That's life assumptions now.


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