End of Two Week Lockdown

That post title may be misleading, what I mean to say is it’s been two weeks today since the start of the UK lockdown. I think I’ve gone to Tesco once per week, and every time I go it’s changed. 

Today there was toilet tissue and paracetamol for the first time since this fiasco of a pandemic began! Although the meds were almost £2 for one box. Frikin rip off artists during a crisis.

Also, they’ve set up a 1 in 1 out system for the whole store, and a one-way path inside. I kept forgetting to go one-way, but so did everyone else until the last few isle where most of the workers were, ready to tell people off.

Even I had to go to the end with my pre-beeped groceries. But it’s all for the greater good, so I’m fine with the system. And my bf was right. The Texaco car wash was open so my car finally got cleaned a bit.

Oops. I forgot to check my antenna to make sure it wasn’t ripped off. It’s in the middle of my roof, so I couldn’t reach it! Stupid design. Oh well.


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