This Month I'm 45

I've decided to write my next comedy science fiction novel to include the current pandemic and political unrest. I'm going to write it day by day to reflect what I've seen on the day. So my book will end up getting dated, I know. But there's no other way around it for my mind at the moment. My own family life and what's going on in the world, affects my writing, even if it's fiction.

No one knows how long the pandemic will carry on for, and at least this way I can have some form of documentation about these times. Because history is surely being made. It influences all things. It's unavoidable. I've shed many tears, and shouted a lot, about the murder of George Floyd. About the riots. Evil, cowardly Trump. Murderous cops. My own heritage. Not speaking to my sister. These issues and more will definitely go into my novel. Even though it's a comedy! My writing always have serious moments.

We've mainly stayed positive day to day, but somethings need to change. And it starts with me.


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