Happy Mid-Pandemic New Year. Friday 1 January 2021

I don’t think I published anything new in 2020. I just couldn’t write. The pandemic threw me. I mean, I had to work and be a home schooling mom at the same time, so the stress and worry was overload city.

Towards the end of the year I started to slowly realise how I’d get back to writing. I was back and forth on using a new pen name and starting over, but that has never worked for me. For anyone really.

I’m determined to do one new thing daily this year, but more than just one thing actually. 

I’m going to write one page of a new novel daily. I will blog daily. And I will put up one YouTube video daily. I thought I’d read from my books on video whilst doing my makeup. But then I realised that would be too tricky. Ha!

Another realisation that took me a year to figure out, is that I do enjoy writing like me, the fiction that I write, and I can implement the pandemic in my own way. I’ve already made a one page start on the 3rd book in my Superduper trilogy. It’s fun already and I’m loving the characters, even if there’s only 3 people thus far!

Oh and I’ve vowed to write a journal entry daily too. I’d better get to that now. It’s nearly midnight. 


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